Residential2We install Kohler air cooled and liquid cooled generators for most residential applications ranging from 14kw and 20kw air cooled generators up to 60kw liquid cooled generators. Generators of Maine offers off grid generators for your house, camp, and solar project. Our install package includes a generator, transfer switch, pre-cast concrete pad, all electric work and all propane work performed by our licensed electricians and propane technicians. The homeowner is responsible for propane tanks and propane. Average cost for a 14kw is $9500.00, and $10,500.00 for a 20kw. Liquid cooled prices range between $18,000 - $30,000.  We also offer free site visits.


Commercial GeneratorsWhile we protect and provide reassurance at your residence, we also protect your business. Having backup power at your business can be vital.  We offer sales of diesel, propane, or natural gas units starting at 15Kw all the way up to 3.25MW. These range from single phase to a variety of three phase voltages and configurations.  Here at Generators of Maine we offer complete installations of both outdoor and indoor units.  Indoor units require louvers, motorized dampers, and custom exhaust which our experts can customize for you, ensuring you have proper venting and performance.  We offer turnkey, in-house installation making us your one-stop shop.  Let us keep your business in business. 

Have an existing commercial/industrial unit?  Our factory trained service technicians can keep your generator up and running at peak performance.  We are factory trained for the repair, warranty, and maintenance of all diesel or propane natural gas components and alternators.  We have all the equipment and capabilities for whatever your unique circumstance brings, from craned vehicles for a tight installation to tracked vehicles for mountainside maintenance and repair.  

Need a diesel portable unit? We have you covered! We provide all sizes with multiple voltage configurations as well.  Contact us today to get your free quote. 

Factories, grocery stores, emergency call centers, and hospitals all trust Generators of Maine to keep their power on. Isn’t it time you did?  

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