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Commercial Generators


While we protect and provide reassurance at your residence, we also protect your business. Having backup power at your business can be vital.  For commercial applications like convenience stores, grocery stores, schools, and businesses installing a Kohler generator will save you loss time and inventory. No need to send employees, teachers, and students home when you install an automatic Kohler generator! The generator will keep your freezers and coolers operational so you will have no loss of product and having power will keep your gas pump on during an outage- which will help with paying for the generator!

We offer sales of diesel, propane, or natural gas units starting at 15Kw all the way up to 3.25MW. These range from single phase to a variety of three phase voltages and configurations.  Here at Generators of Maine we offer complete installations of both outdoor and indoor units.  Indoor units require louvers, motorized dampers, and custom exhaust which our experts can customize for you, ensuring you have proper venting and performance.  We offer turnkey, in-house installation making us your one-stop shop.  Let us keep your business in business.

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