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About Us

Residential4What we do:  We install Kohler generators for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.  Our customers range from private residences, off-grid homes, camps, and solar projects to commercial uses such as gas stations, grocery stores, schools, and even industrial sites.

Why should I buy a generator?  Whether you work from home or run a commercial site we’ll keep your business up and running! From keeping power to your freezers and refrigerators or at your gas station or school- having a Kohler generator will ensure no more loss of revenue from power outages.

Why should you buy from us? We offer best in class installation and service- and have the reputation to prove it! Contact us for a free site visit. Our world class technicians can help you design and install your residential, commercial, or industrial generator.


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Kohler Titanium Dealer


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We are located at

262 Augusta Road
Belgrade, ME 04917